Image moderation service – why we need this in internet

Image moderation service – why we need this in internet

The Internet is a place where everything goes. By typing the relevant words into a given search engine in a second you will find a lot of information. An important part of the internet is social media, blogs, opinion-forming websites. Especially if we are the owner of the company. How did you come to that?

Business and internet

Most of the opinions on the Internet are anonymous. Opinioning websites or forums, in no way verify whether in the real world is actually like the user describes in the comment or post. Not one company fell victim to such anonymous negative opinions posted on the Internet. Maybe we do not realize it, but the reputation in the network is just as good (and more importantly) as the real world.

Image moderation service

image moderation service

XModerator has created image moderation service, a program that automatically removes content considered indecent. What it will be? Usually labeled as NSFW (Not Safe For Work). This general qualification includes nudity, porography, gore, hate speech, expression with words or images, and much more. It’s a security that can protect virtually any site from unwanted content that spoils all content. This is help for both website administrators and its users.

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