How do you feel about furs?

Why are you wearing this bunny? Do you know that it was alive some time ago? These are just some examples of what you can hear when you decide to wear fur. We can’t deny the origin of materials and the opinions about either we should wear furs or not are very different, but however one feels about it, the industry of furs is still growing.

Woman in brown mink furThe most common types of furs

The most popular furs are made from fox or mink. Fox is one of the most economic choices and there is the biggest variety of colours. It can be silver, cross, crystal, blue, red, grey, and white, while the mink is usually grey. More expensive furs, and less common are made of chinchilla or sable. Chinchilla is expensive because the quality of fur is very high. It is dense and in the same time light and soft. Sable is the most expensive fur, it can cost even 15,000$

Just some fur

Man in coat with fur collar

Nowadays it is very popular to have just an addition of fur in the outfit. It can either be an accessory like a keychain or bag. It can be also a coat with fur collar or hood. The choices are huge and prices differ a lot.

So either you are for or against fur, you hate it or love it, the industry is going up. Fur was with humans for a long time, firstly because there was no other material that would keep one warm in cold days but now it is more fashion issue and luckily the standards of getting fur are getting better and better. If you wanna feel good with your furs you must learn where did the fur come from and how humanitarian is the manufacturer you are buying from. And prepare for questions about your fur because the topic is controversial and will always be.

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