Guipure Ava dress: made of subtle lace

Guipure Ava dress: made of subtle lace

Delicate black dresses with a lining are the perfect choice for those who prefer elegant clothes with a twist. Especially if you’re looking for a special yet classy pattern!

What does guipure stands for?

A guipure word, as a type of delicate embroidery, has its origin in French language. Frenchmen used to specify it as subtelly thicker lace, made of stiff line. Well-known lace form Genoa was quickly transferred to Malta. Then, english manufacturers converted it into Bedfordshire lace. Nowadays, such solution in fashion keep coming back. Especially in women’s fashion, in casual and elegant way. A good example of exceptional use is Guipure Ava dress. Combined of black and beige color, with long sleeves, as a mini-dress, tightly fitted to women’s curves.

Guipure Ava dress made of delicate fabric.

Guipure Ava dress: a piece of clothing you need!

Such dress would look perfect with heels (not necessarily, high). Guipure Ava dress was made to make an impression yet be comfortable for every person who has decided to put it on. With such dress in your wardrobe, you will look stunning, regardless of kind of party you have decided to attend to. Guipure Ava dress  is an outstanding model! Choose it and look fabulous on your special day! Combined with a jacket or a cashmere shawl will make you look outstanding!

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