FriendlyARM NanoPi

FriendlyARM NanoPi

The popular NanoPi series of mini-computers is characterized not only by good parameters but also by small dimensions and high potential. It is a great solution for anyone who does not need a very extensive and powerful system to create simple structures that can also be used in their home.

NanoPi specification

NanoPi is a minicomputer equipped with an equally small Alwwiner H3 Quad-Core processor 1.2GHz and 256GB RAM . In addition, it is also equipped with well-known Ethernet and USB ports. Interesting things are also GPIO connector, which is known to designers and programmers from popular RaspberryPi minicomputers.

In addition, many additional accessories can be used for this device such as LCD displays, housings, camera module and covers. Thanks to them you will be able to increase the functionality of your NanoPi minicomputer and create even more advanced projects.

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