What does fox coat say?

What does fox coat say?

Fox fur coats have become one of the most popular furs nowadays and there are many good reasons why! Firstly it is about their texture. They are very soft and have extremely fluffy hair that gives natural look and style. Secondly there is great variety of prices and usually they are less expensive than other types of furs. And finally colors – so many to choose because they are coming in different colors and this is what we are going to talk about now!

red-fox-fur-coatColors of fox fur coats

One of the most popular colors of fox fur is red. It is not only popular for coats but also for hats and other accessories that are trimed in many different ways. If you choose red fur it means that you are traditionallist and comfort is the most important for you. Another color that you can choose is silver. Silver foxes are coming mostly from America and they are ones of the most sophisticated. Choosing them will give you very classy look. Another sophisticated fox color is white. It has really thick underfur as it comes from foxes that live in cold parts of the world. They are less common so you can be sure that wearing white fox coat will definitely make you feel glamorous and posh. And last but not least – blue. Blue foxes are found in Scandinavia and they vary from dark blue brown through real blue till blue with light white highlights. It is certainly the most original sort and will make you stand out from the crowd. Choose the best color and style for you.

blue-fox-fur-coatMore than just a coat

Wearing a fur is not only a fashion. It is becoming matter of culture, brings a lot of questions and discussions whether you should or shouldn’t be in favour of wearing furs or not. When you decide to buy one of fox fur coats you decide to put a label on yourself and a strong personality that you will carry with you. And remember that fur is a thing that you have to care about, wash specially and use detergents that are specially made for furs.


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