Sweeping time! Elimination of bias with automated content moderation solutions

Sweeping time! Elimination of bias with automated content moderation solutions

Bias elimination with AI-based moderation solution

Did you know what good automatic content moderation tools can be good for? Well, there’s basically a swift elimination of bias and any other inappropriate content.

elimination of bias makes all voices welcome Basically, to stay within the policies, more deeply, to keep the internet a place that’d be basically safe, not a complete free for all – although there are places across the internet which thrived as exactly those kind of places.

So, if you want to take the full possible control over a place you are developing on the internet, that’s yout right, and we’re here to provide you with the tool – xModerator.

Forums =/= free for all – they take work

With a rightly developed AI you will surely be able not to just keep obsenities in terms of images, or videos, but also, bias elimination. So, any type of hate speech, those many so-called -isms: sexism, ageism, classism, to name the most significant ones.

elimination of bias means that hate speech has to go - that's why you need xModeratorIf you want to your place to be a place of merit, and meaningful, respectful dialogue, instead of a cesspool of slur and defamation, you need to have an automated moderation service on a standby. Let us support you with our xModerator.

For more extended entry, please come to our homepage: xmoderator.com/blog/elimination-of-bias-using-automatic-content-moderation,96

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