Dyslexia Singapore – how it affects children’s mentality and psyche

Dyslexia Singapore – how it affects children’s mentality and psyche

Education in Singapore

Education in Singapore is one of the best developed in the world. it can be said that the education system in Singapore is simply elitist. Why?  Education system in Singapore. It was created on extremely solid foundations built by British colonizers. In general, a higher average level of education in Singapore, based on a focus on science, technology, engineering and mathematics, so-called STEM – science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. English is accepted as the second language, just after the native Mandarin, Malay or Tamil language. Children are already undergoing tests at an early school age, depending on which schools they will be able to attend. One could say that in such a structured education system there is no place for problems with science such as dyslexia Singapore. Nevertheless, they appear like in any other place on earth.

Dyslexia Singapore – how does it affect the child’s psyche?

dyslexia singapore schools

In schools where results are important, an attitude towards the future and a fast assimilation of information, a disease such as dyslexia can adversely affect the child’s psyche. The child sees that he has a problem in the classroom, which other peers do not feel isolated. What’s more, loses confidence, is distracted what causes more and more arrears in the school material. On the Winstedt school website, you can read an extensive and informative article about dyslexia Singapore, which will certainly help you understand the mechanisms that occur in the child’s psyche when the child suffers from dyslexia. We recommend that you read this article for more i informations.

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