Double stock – LogiTower

Double stock – LogiTower

Designed and manufactured by the Polish company ISL, the LogiTower automated rack is a modern solution for storing large goods. Each model of the automatic rack is made to individual order and for the height of a given room. The company’s offer includes both models of single stock racks as well as double stock racks or with side station. The advantages of this device also include cooperation with other production machines, IT systems and CNC laser.

Characteristics of LogiTower double stock

LogiTower double stock is one of the above mentioned models of automatic shelving for LogiTower double stock automated storage systemstoring long goods. It is a solution that provides convenient loading of heavy and long goods. The advantages include direct access to the rack from the front and back. The stored goods can weigh up to 6 tons and be up to 12 meters wide.

On the LogiTower page you will find the full specifications of the double stock automatic rack and a video showing the operation of the machine.

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