Diamond Aircraft DA42 – software for aviation schools

Diamond Aircraft DA42 – software for aviation schools

Diamond Aircraft DA42 – what is this?

Management of an aviation school is not only very hard work based on many years of training and experience. It is also a kind of company management and thus everyday struggle with such problems as documentation, settlements or employee time management as well as in the case of aviation schools time management of individual students. However, it should be noted that students of aviation are to a large extent international students, which is why their training takes place on a slightly different basis. In such cases, it is worth using modern technologies that are available on the market, which will facilitate not only conducting trainings but also managing student documentation and more. One such solution is Diamond Aircraft DA42 from Evionica.

Diamond Aircraft DA42 for future pilot
Why Goldwings using Diamond Aircraft?

it is a software useful for managing aviation schools, which helps the school replace paper documents and manual work performed by employees. One of the aviation academies that uses Diamond Aircraft DA42 is Goldwings. This aviation academy in Poland based in Warsaw is also a partner of the Lazarski University. Asking why they use the Evionica system, we learn that it saves valuable time for both instructors and students. The system also helps in training management, for example, gives the opportunity to organize training only for one student, without unnecessary involvement of the instructor and other employees. Which translates into greater revenue from flight hours and aviation education in general

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