Diadora x lc23 x pink panther sneakers – pink power!

Diadora x lc23 x pink panther sneakers – pink power!

Oryginal sneakers for summer time

Searching for unusual products such as footwear, t-shirts, shirts and dresses, we want to emphasize our individuality and original approach to style. If you are a person who not only plays with fashion but at the same time is not afraid of colors and adheres to combining the world of culture with the world of fashion, you will surely like the combination of Diadora brand designs with the famous Italian designer Leo Colacicco. An example of the fruit of their cooperation are diadora x lc23 x pink panther sneakers. Is it worth buying them?

diadora x lc23 x pink panther sneakers

Diadora x lc23 x pink panther sneakers

Summer and spring are definitely the time of colors, while in the fall and winter our wardrobe mainly focuses on universal colors such as browns, grays or beige, so on warm days we can go crazy and incorporate colors from the entire color palette into our stylizations. Leo Colacicco, creating his extraordinary collection, mainly used blush juxtaposing it with turquoise and navy blue. Focusing on Italian perfectionism and a sense of style, he created diadora x lc23 x pink panther sneakers, shoes referring to the world-famous cartoon characters – Pink Panther, whose image was placed on shoes. Isn’t it original? In the entire collection, the designer uses materials such as suede, perforated strong leather and nubuck. The collection consists of two models: Rebound Ace tennis shoes and chunky shoes, which are the most fashionable model for the 2020 season.
We believe that absolutely everyone will find something in the Diadora brand’s offer!

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