Chlamydia symptoms in men – what’s next…?

Chlamydia symptoms in men – what’s next…?

a condom or antibiotic - your choice!The basic principle, which may seem like an overkill, but soon it won’t be, is not only to protect yourself, but to test yourself, wvery time when having a new sexual partner. If you are 18-24, and sexually active, that’s a risk group for a number of STIs out there. Chlamydia is one of them.

Chlamydia symptoms in men

Chlamydia symptoms in men - not only for those with intense London sex lifeThe thing is, even if the symptoms appear, and they don’t have to, at all, since chlamydia is said to be the tricky agent, secret disease, ninja, so to speak, they may last only for like 3 days, and then go away for good. They include genital symptoms, in men these are, depending on the passage, feeling of discomfort, burning feeling when urinating, or defecating, if the exposure was during anal sex, and maybe sore throat of¬†conjunctivitis¬† that attacks the eyes – those may be the chlamydia symptoms, appearing in men, that may indicate that it’s this disease you’re dealing with.

What else to know?

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