CheeseMaking – what’s in this trend, really?

CheeseMaking – what’s in this trend, really?

CheeseMaking – what’s in it for you?

Cheesemaking is something interesting, for sure. First thing is that most of the people are rather used to getting their cheeses – and that’s valid also for those who value cheeses very much – in shops.

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What are the perks of homemade cheeses?

cheesemaking is it your hobby or mineAnd this is an anachronic throwback, that’s so valued by some these days – some people want to live simple, slow, classic – and making your own stuff, instead of getting products that are generally mistrusted because manufacturing process is generally not transparent at all.

Here, it’s dramatically different – when you make your own cheese, alcohol, wine, whatever, it could be bread you have several profits. These apply to cheesemaking, but not only, really.

Coming back to rurality. Now it more means luxury of being able to spend your free time doing simple, manual labour or maybe quite the opposite, getting deep into recipes and refinement of the final products.

cheesemaking as a gift, runway as a houseAs the work, making things on your own is no longer a necessity and became a hobby, it’s viewed as trendy, cool and relaxing. It’s quite interesting, actually, how work that once was hard labour, now becomes something that you do on your own dime, and when you’re done with the actualy work that you for living.

Another thing is the quality of the product. Beacuse you can be directly responsible for it – as it’s in cheesemaking – and probably willing to spent a lot of resources, the final thing is of better quality, really.

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