Car antenna adapter

Car antenna adapter

Creating your own car audio system has never been an easy task, you have to choose the right components, not only in terms of power and other parameters, but more importantly, in terms of suitable connectors. But what can you do when the parameters match, but the connectors not necessarily? The answer to this problem is the car antenna adapter, more and more commonly used by many specialists.

Car antenna adapter important part of car audio

Car antenna adapter – or how to adapt a device that does not match

It is worth remembering that there are several types of connectors that may appear depending on the specific model. Consequently, ISO and DIN are two main distinguished standards. Over time, producers of various equipment have created new connectors, often unique for a given brand or year. Car antenna adapters can deal with the signal processing of such standards as the circular connectors Fakra, RAKU, RAKU II, FME and Snap. You can also find versions equipped with a special nut which stably secures the whole installation.

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