British Curriculum Singapore – curiosities and facts

British Curriculum Singapore – curiosities and facts

What does education in Singapore schools look like?

The British were colonizers of Singapore, therefore the education in Singapore was founded on the pillars of the British education system. British Curriculum Singapore has a long tradition in this country.  Interestingly, the teaching profession is one of the better paid in this country. In addition, whether the teacher is good or not fully assessed on the basis of the progress of his students, which in comparison with many other teaching systems is new. Perhaps thanks to this, among others, of course, education in Singapore is ranked third on the international scale. It is a fact that in Singapore schools, despite the attitude towards the future, teaching English as a basic language, focusing on the science of technology, engineering and mathematics, further corporal punishment is applied to boys.

British Curriculum Singapore – for children with learning problems

British Curriculum singapore for kids

Singapore is a country where there are both local and international schools. In order for a child to get to a local school he must write and speak and know English.At The Winstedt school, classes are run according to the British Curriculum Singapore. The school uses multi-sensory lessons and the teachers support the individual needs of each student. Special training for teachers and small classes are helpful. This type of curriculum is a sensation in Singapore.



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