Boho black dress for four seasons

Boho black dress for four seasons

Boho is still “en vogue”. Those who used to say it’s a temporary fascination, should become familiar with this innovative yet old-fashioned style.

Boho in fashion

Fashion style apperared on the 18th century, as a way of expression freedom and civil liberties, appeared during the French Revolution. Role models for those who decided to dress like that, were gypsies  from the Western part of the Old Continent. During these times, boho black dresses were wide and long, with additional ornaments. Undoubtedly, the golden era for those who love boho, began ith the 60’s. Personal freedom, freedom of speech and objection towards rules made such fashion genre popular.

Rustic boho black dress.

Fine clothes in boho style

Nowadays,  fashion movement isn’t connected to a political movement. Instead, it admires independence, free will and comfort. Boho black dress, offered by Lou store, is a well example of such fashion solutions. Loose, with lace and low neckline, is a perfect choice for summer adventures and autumnal outfit, with tights and boots. Necessary, with jewellery – huge earings and bracelets! A feminine, courageous model made by designers with attachment to details. Check it out today and express your own self! A beautifull piece of cloth in a deep black color, is a good value for money!

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