Bluetooth osi model – proposal from Silvair

Bluetooth osi model – proposal from Silvair

Silvair – globally interoperable Bluetooth mesh standard.

Each production industry is dependent and closely related to new technologies that appear on the market. It is thanks to them that it is possible to optimize operations or increase the quality of services offered or products manufactured. Exactly the same rules apply to the lighting industry, which has been revolutionized by the option of so-called smart houses. In intelligent homes, we have the ability to control, among others, lighting, which is currently used globally not only in residential buildings but mainly in service or industrial buildings. The Silvair company, which is a leader in this field, offers bluetooth osi model – what is it?

silvair and bluetooth osi model

Bluetooth osi model designed by Silvair

First, let’s find out what Silvair is. Well, this is an international company that enables all interested parties in the industry to jump into the future of lighting control, thanks to the solutions it proposes. What are these solutions? Silvair offer a qualified Bluetooth mesh stack and flexible lighting firmware packages and one of them is the bluetooth osi model. Interestingly, the company also cares about implementing its services and products. Thanks to specialized employees who are highly committed to implementing lighting projects using efficient and intuitive Silvair tools to run connected lighting systems on an international scale. So if you are a company from the lighting industry that produces individual lighting elements, it is worth checking how Silvair can change the course of your business and change it into a modern manufacturer!

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