BDD Spock – definition and working methods

BDD Spock – definition and working methods

You’re wondering what BDD Spock is? You want to know the secrets of such a solution – not only in theory, but also in use? If so, be sure to read the text I prepared. The summary of the tutorial will certainly help you in your daily work and speed it up.

What BDD Spock means?

BDD Spock is a framework written in Groovy environment. It means that a similar solution works on the basis of Java Virtual Machine. If the application was written in JVM language, you can be sure that the above mentioned solution will work in the test phase and bring measurable results. After all, improving your skills and checking the potential of the application is the basis for good operation.

BDD Spock at work.

BDD Spock – how to start working?

As in the case of other web applications and programming environments, preparing the work environment will be crucial. In this case, based on Spock, the attribute “Specification” should be included in the code. The test, as in other cases, is called “def”, which should also be included in the prepared code. BDD Spock also requires the creation of a data table which allows us to check several parameters at once. We can also approach the test by entering commands.

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