Basics of SQL programming – learn how to Query pt. 1

Basics of SQL programming – learn how to Query pt. 1

What’s the big thing out there?

Programming, code, big data – those terms are experiencing their boom, which has not become yesterday, reall,y but still is thhriving. And for many people out there, an idea of a certain sort has been looming – how about getting a new, better, more exciting job, in this global trend of cutting edge technologies of data mining, and all?

see the basics of SQL programming

Well, it’s a great idea! And Vertabelo Academy SQL programming learning platform has this mission as it’s very foundation – to help you do that. We love it when people decide to go into data science programming from scratch, and for those people, who are seeking something interesting to learn, it’s very important for us to provide them with top quality educational resources.

SQL programming for better job!

So, here, in this entry, we only wanted to say a few general words about our agenda there, for setting up a SQL learning and programming platform online. For one, there’s a big boom going on, a thriving trend, that we would love to give you an access to.

Secondly, there are a lot of resources out there, which albeit great, lack in their holistic approach, and that’s what we want to give to all the people willing to learn SQL.

See you in the next part of this entry! or read more here:

SQL programming will get you far

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