Back straps – a beauty opportunity

Back straps – a beauty opportunity

Have you people seen the last one or two years’ greatest underwear boom, namely back straps for bras and other types of underwear? No? It’s high time, really – X-mas is coming up and a plenty of opportunities before that to treat either yourself of other women you love or value – that’s daughters, mothers, grandmas and friends.

Back straps – what are they?

these are frontal straps - not back

Probably some of you have already seen the big thing of women’s underwear – and that’s of course, decorating your bras with straps, additionally. This gives a distinctive touch to your style and also, as it was proven in countless of situations, can be worn in really everyday situations.

Usually the straps are visible from the front – around the neck, shoulders and cleavage. The possible diversity of colors, as there is one, is conquered nevertheless by black – with connects elegance and adds some of your evening, exclusive style to the things you wear on a daily basis.


But there is something that’s not used all that frequently and that’s straps for the back. It depends on the time of the year and the target style, whether it will be seen anyway. When the summer is finished, as it is now in European countries, back straps will be of greatest use as a supplement for the lingerie.

promees - a recommended maker of straps for the backBut when the hight temperatures are there during the day, it might be an awesome accessory for everyday things to wear too. Also, they might work well for your workout outfit but for this Promees has a special, dedicated line of straps and accessories.

So, let’s not waste minute more – see the back straps from PROMEES here:

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