Aviation training management system -its options and possibilities

Aviation training management system -its options and possibilities

New system new possibilities

Virtually every industry on the market develops using modern technologies, whose solutions allow for process optimization in companies, schools and enterprises. Thanks to this, working time management, learning or storing and cataloging documentation went to a much better, higher level. An example could be the Aviation training management system offered by Evionica, which is accredited Approved Training Organization by Civil Aviation Authority. Did you know that schools training future professional pilots or pilots face the same problems as any company? They have a problem with proper management of employees, their time and duties. In addition, there are problems purely related to educational institutions. How to fix it?


Aviation training management systemaviation training management system

The aviation training management system is the answer to the concerns of pilot schools. The whole system working in online and offline form has many interesting options that will facilitate the daily performance of tasks. For example, Finance & Price module will help keep price packages, individual prices and price groups. Another interesting option? Compliance monitoring, which will remind you of the necessary certifications so important in the world of pilots! The program also allows sending student documents and internal document sending. What else works in the form of our system? E-Learning to perform questions in the system, safety management system reports – and that’s not all! If you want to increase the profits that your aviation school will generate, you should consider introducing the solution Evionica proposes!

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