Airbus a320 training software for schools preparing future pilots

Airbus a320 training software for schools preparing future pilots

Online training for future pilots

If you run a school for future pilots, you would definitely like to learn how to optimize some of the processes that you run as part of your business. What is worth considering, especially at that time, is to improve the entire Education model and transfer some of the courses that take place on-line to online courses. One example is the airbus a320 training software that Evionica offers.

airbus a320 training software

Airbus a320 training software – course details

The courses that are offered by Evionica are flight systems that in a friendly and easy way explain to a given user, i.e. in this case, the student, how the system of a given airplane works. In addition, students will have the opportunity to check how the controls or systems work thanks to interactive slides that are placed in the online course. Airbus a320 training software includes test items. In this case, you have influence on what questions will appear in this part of the course. Evionica can propose its own database of questions, or you can use your questions prepared for the exam. It is also worth mentioning that Evionica offers not only training software but also explanations and training related to the implementation of additional online courses. All online courses from Evionica’s offer can be used on both tablets and desktop computers.

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