Aerial adapter for sheet tile – an essential device for the builder

Aerial adapter for sheet tile – an essential device for the builder

Are you renovating the house? Do you want to include the improvement of the roofing at your work schedule? If so, it is worth to take care of the proper technique and equip yourself with the necessary tools. Among them there should be an aerial adapter for sheet tile, a small device thanks to which you can seal the structure in an instant. How does it work? – You will find information in today’s entry.

Functioning and application

Device is installed for an instant transition between the gap of the antenna mast and the roof sheathing. It protects against displacement, damage and destruction, for example due to high temperature or moisture. Aerial adapter for sheet tile is used both in the case of tile, flat and trapezoidal sheets with T1 to T18 signatures. The product is made of EPDM rubber, which ensures efficient fastening and flexible construction. For fixation, the product is finished with a thin layer of polypropylene.

Necessary aerial adapter for sheet tile.

Aerial adapter for sheet tile in use

Aesthetic pear-shaped shape with a clearly flat bottom makes the element perfect for both flat and slightly curved roofs. Aerial adapter for sheet tile was created for constructors, who are looking for an effective way to protect the cover and its aesthetic appearance much better. If you are looking for the best design element, be sure to familiarize yourself with this product.

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