adidas Ultraboost X sneakers – organic & futuristic!

adidas Ultraboost X sneakers – organic & futuristic!

Definitely one of THE most exciting adidas releases of this year, a little bit surprising maybe in our climate area, that they’re released now, since it’s clearly a running shoe model by adidas. What is it? It’s Ultraboost X!

What are new adidas’ womens’ Ultraboost X good for?

the sole of ultraboost X is awesomeThe presented model is women’s adidas Ultraboost X model. First, let’s try to put the shoes in the right context – these sneakers are perfect for running. But not only, definitely, that’s not the idea you got today about sneakers in general – that they are for practical purpose only and German brands knows this perfectly. A lot of time has passed since the first football shoes issued by adidas were released.

Now – the looks

Now it’s a fashion statement. And when it comes to this and the looks of Ultraboost X, there is a pleasant surprise – the thick knit makes them look organic and so does the colorway mixing grey and classic white, making it look organic, perhaps even quite interesting in the autumn ambient, making it look a little bit like the fallen leaves on the ground but grey and white at the same time.

adidas ultra boost - finest of this fall's season women shoes?The sole is awesome, period. It looks like a petrified organic matter gone mad. And it rocks – also, from the technical point of view, the cushioning available in this adidas Ultraboost X model is perfect.

More and more…

As an additional details, on the shoes’ rear there is a relatively large blank white patch with adidas logo on it, looking surprisingly good and with its geometric design making the whole sneakers’ model look even more futuristic. Check them out yourselves!

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