adidas Originals Superstar (model b27136) – ultimate classic

adidas Originals Superstar (model b27136) – ultimate classic

How does time travel look like? Well, it may as well be not really a travel, but staying precisely in one plce whilst the whole world is moving around you. This ain’t no Doctor Who teaser or fanbase analysis of the timey-wimey mechanics, but a piece about real time travelling design – adidas Originals Superstar, known also by their model number, b27136

b27136 – a secret code?

adidas originals sneakers - codename b27136 - greatSo, b27136 is code, and it needs a specialist to get decrypted. Damn, again, those Doctor Who references seem to follow us around here – encryption and decryption. But it’s really this – adidas Originals Superstar are clearly recognizable – they have become one of the main and basic sneakers’ models of all times – and that’s really true.

No time is better to wear them than now. And really, this “now” of theirs happens quite often. All the time, actually. And this isn’t joke here, nor science fiction. but let’s go back to the decryption theme. This was a little bit of a lie. Because we could say that the pattern, the design, those distinctive three stripes of adidas Originals Superstar b27136 need to be placed in the right context by a true urban warrior, but it’s not true.

Where do they fit?

codename b27136 - what's this adidas?Now, that they have really established a cult-following, these sneakers have earnt their place pretty much anywhere. The design got somehow doubled and now it started to fit not only tracksuits and not only basktetball gym, as it was the case when they premiered, but this is a perfect supplement for suit, a formal dress, of course if one wishes to plant a kind of fashion virus inside, but this skill is actually highly appreciated, if used with apt.

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