How can 360 vr presentations be used outside the entertainment industry?

How can 360 vr presentations be used outside the entertainment industry?

What is 360 vr presentations?

Virtual reality is treated by many as something intended solely for entertainment purposes. Although its use in games definitely appeals to developers and consumers, VR goggles designers and their potential buyers are planning many other non-entertainment applications, one of which is 360 vr presentations. What is that? 360 image or video, that combines visual and auditory senses.

How to use 360 vr presentations for your business?

360 vr presentations can be used in many fields, not only in entertainment. First of all – education and various trainings. The authors of these, as well as teachers, could use goggles to show their students or participants of the training models of what they describe, present their method of operation, and even demonstrate their usefulness “live”. It is also worth mentioning that virtual reality equipment is also used in the military. It is ideal for training soldiers in combat and the use of equipment. Military exercises can then be conducted in a safe environment and all conditions can be controlled. Soldiers, on the other hand, undergo a wide range of exercises, without moving between training centers, it saves time and money. VR equipment works perfectly in simulators for pilots, both military and civilian. Pilots can learn on many different machines and train numerous contingencies, breakdowns and technical problems.

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