Nail brand promotion with a 2.5m cantilever parasol

Nail brand promotion with a 2.5m cantilever parasol

How to nail marketing with promotional parasols?

This is a slightly different 2.5m cantilever parasolThe challenge there is to avoid appearing dull, or repeating schema. Some brands do not need to worry this much about it, because they are already omnipresent, and it’s solely for awareness building, that the parasols, banners and beachflags are put up.

We’d love to show you our 2.5m cantilever parasol and the way it’s to be used for the best effect.

But let’s say that you’ve got no overall awareness to start with, and there is no consistent and exclusive audience, which, if it were the case, would be a good circumstance, as in the smaller group it’d be way easier to establish an unquestionable presence. So, it’s a definite uphill battle situation.

A 2.5m cantilever parasol to keep your events fresh

You do not want to just put up a parasol, and the brand will be noticed. Nah, you need to

... and these are the plans of 2.5m cantilever Rio parasol

 stand out somehow. Are you asking yourself, how? Well, Litex already made that real, and it’s only a click away – just see our catalogue – the 2.5m cantilever parasol of Rio line. Its special feature is its shape. It’s interesting and unique, and will be a platform for you messsage.

Anyone who will enjoy the parasol itself, during some sort of event, will associate all the positiveness in the air of the event with your brand. And ain’t that what you’re after, at the end of the day?

Just see the parasol for yourself:

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